I never thought it could be this way,
all the lies and the deceit non ending ,
Trying to understand the meaning,
Of suffering ,of what is life and pain
That come through each time
A good deed is done
I wont hide to speak of facts
As ive seen and been through them
Im fed up to the core,
Too much than i can bear
A revelation of what time brings
So much that i find it worth
To end my life and be free of it
But death has never been a solution
As i am a coward to bring harm to myself
My little one hear me
The world is cruel and unjust
Never have i been so weary
To a point of utmost surrender
So please i beg of you
When i decide to go tonight
Think of me always my dear
Dont cry over me
Know that i will love you always
Till my last breath..


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