The hidden world he sees

Days fade like a sinister joke,
Upon the unending horizon of scorpio,
Reflecting the past and future,
Like a two way mirror in a cloudy mist,
For a chance to hope and wish,
Its never a mystery to me,
To be alone with my imagination,
A habit less desired by many,
To see a better world in my vision,
I can only be called insane,
For my mind speaks out the truth,
Insanity always tries to creep in,
Like a dark cloud filled with tears,
Ready to offload its frustrations,
I may yet be silent,
But the hushed whispers of the wind,
Know and understand my cause,
The sea knows my vulnerability,
The mountain knows my strength,
But no one understands me,
For who i am and what i became,
So dont point a finger at me..



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