Nana’s prayer

Enthusiased as they were
To help the world with no bounds,
With mere smiles on their faces,
Sure of their acceptance,
Young virgin souls on maiden voyage,
Filled with hope and promises,
I was suprised to meet them there,
Outside the church gates,
As if my prayer was answered,
Never had i felt peace and solitude,
Through the years id stayed hidden,
Dressed in an ungainly manner,
For fear of recognition and notice,
That always haunted me all along,
They showed me beauty,
In the little things id always ignored,
Love and compassion to all kind,
I hoped they would take away the pain,
The fear and thoughts of abandonment,
I harboured inside my soul,
But they opted not to take it,
But rather give me something,
More beautiful yet promising,
Some good to hope for in life,
To cope for all the years of anguish,
The freedom to choose my path,
The courage to follow my dream,
The audacity to speak without fear,
The strength to accept the past,
The vision to anticipate my future,
My little guardians love,
Was all i needed to know happiness,
Never felt alive as i was that fateful day,
To know theres one,
Who loves me for who i am,
Doesnt care of my past life,
But wants to start on a new begining,
I never knew i meant alot to the person,
Who would grant me wonderful gifts,
As i thought myself lowly,
Past episodes flashed before my eyes,
Remembering nana’s hearful prayer,
She knew he would come,
To take away all my sorrows,
My beautiful nana’s prayer. .


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