He never misses a day,to visit me in the middle of the night,
Always quiet and peaceful,while staring outside,
He senses no fear,as is to why he never cowers,
I decided once,to approach him in his trance,
His wise eyes grow,unsure of the expectation,
But calmly he stares on,giving the silent dare,
Mesmerised by the look,like a subject to a royal,
A little hesitant i admit,to hold the gaze for long,
Jaws taught and muscles flexed,prepared for the worst,
Deep breaths taken,i wonder what led to the deed,
Would it be wrong,if i just feel for one time…?
Holding the bedpost,to rise from my position,
Summoned by unseen forces,to let him in from the cold,
Few steps taken,its all open,
He steps in amused,bemused look in his smile,
Walking slowly towards me,then halts in the middle,
What wrong had i done,that i’d never know for sure,
But the chills on my spine advised me otherwise,
Retreated back to my covers,
Still eyeing my nemesis,on his supposed intention,
Making himself comfortable,on the edge of the bed,
No it can’t be,was too scared to face him now,
If i screamed,then help would immediately arrive,
Seemed to have sensed my fear,which only made him bolder,
To advance ahead,coming above me,
This isn’t happening right,no please no,
Taking in my scent,then moving foward to my face,
Closed my eyes to what may happen next,
A slight lick on the nose,that cold feeling subsided an edge,
A purr followed afterwords,deep within his throat,
He was ready,and let himself be held,
Laid down beside me,and drifted off to sleep….

                          Found friends……


5 thoughts on “,”

  1. the depth in the message is just moving to the sokul..it speaks to the soul in ways that one cant fathom…definately giving it a thumbs up..i love the work..keep it up


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