I am a tied dreamer,
Shackled with unseen chains and blindfold,
Never a moment of solitude,
With no hope of freedom,
I have no voice,
To shout out my rage and frustration,
In your presence,
Suppressing my will and might,
What wrong had i done,
To speak for truth and rights,
In your eyes,
You claim i’m an ignorant fool,
Who knows not love nor pity,
Status nor manners,
Just an object to be held and desired,
To give pleasure whenever you want,
By your disgusting meaty fingers,
A mannequin to stay still,
For you to stare to your satisfaction,
Your property as you claim,
A beauty with cold heart you said,
Whom you enjoy inflicting pain to,
Why the lust in your eyes,
Why the throb in between,
I fail to understand why,
I can only imagine now,
How freedom may feel,
So near yet so far,
Im only tempted to try,
To keep my distance from you,
What do i have to loose,
I only fear taking ones life,
Im torn in between,
But this has gone too far,
I am too tired to care,
Will it be yours or mine,
Tommorrow will tell master,
Tommorrow will tell..


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