First time

It all started with a startled gaze,
As we both realised we were in a room,
Segregated from the world,
We tried to ignore the sensation,
That was building up in the air,
Bit by bit the space grew lesser,
Moods became static,
Air become thicker,
I could smell his musky scent,
That taunted and drove me crazy,
Mad with wanting but shy to speak,
Words came out as stutters,
As he made his first move,
Towards the covers,
I turn away,
To not be tempted of his gaze,
To the window i close my eyes,
And take a deep breath to relax,
Only to feel two hands,
Snaking around my waist gently,
His words sweet as honey,
Say all is ready,
I turn slowly shaking alittle,
Surprised to see it was made,
My trouser begins to descend,
As if by a touch of magic,
No one prepared me for such a moment,
To such an act,
Coming infront of me ,
He lifts my chin to steady my gaze,
I cannot believe it,
He asks if im ready,
As he takes off his shirt,
And starts to work on below,
But oughts a second thought,
He smiles cockily,
Asking me to undo them,
Pull them down,
To the ankles,
All that done,i stand up,
Shocked of him removing my shirt,
Covering myself with my hands,
He smiles and pulls them down gently,
He opens the clasp of bra n lets it drop ,
To the floor it goes,
He gasps n smiles with wonder,
And drops to reveal the rest,
Coming closer he holds me tighter,
Relishing the smooth skin,
Running his hands up and down,
Making me wanton and crazy,
He leans foward for a kiss,
I turn away but he aint annoyed,
His teasing games begin,
As he nibbles the neck slowly,
And goes lower,
All the while directing me to lie down,
He reaches the crest ,
Turning me on,sucking n biting gently,
As the feeling escalates all over,
Back already arched,
And decides to go lower still,
To reach the sensitive bud,
Fire spreads all through the body,
As i scream and moarn his name,
As he probes n flicks deep with his tongue
He licks it tentatively,
Till i release myself to oblivion,
As he props up in position,
Hard and ready,
In between and begins,
His deep thrusts in and out,
In a slow manner,
Before speeding up with time,
I turn him around as we change sides,
And ride him steadily leaning back,
He goes in till i cant take any more,
Fondling and enjoying their shape,
I pull him up as we ride steadily,
Increasing the pace,
Till we both release in splendour,
And fall back to the bed,
Smelling of sweat and perfume,
Both content and relaxed,
N cover ourselves up,
Before drifting off to sleep,
Draped in each others arms…


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