Little too late

A light sigh escapes her lips ,

as she gazes whistfully ahead, 

to make sense of the evening past,

replaying  the debauched look,

on his never ending errs,

a casanova through and through,

with no sense of shame or guilt,

she thought she’d learnt before,

but fell back  as prey to his traps,

quiet are her sobs yet unending,

contemplating the whys and hows,

he breeds dissapointment,

theres no turning back,

to a future uncertain,

is there anyone who feels her pain,

etched deep in her soul,

why continue lying to herself,

she wonders angrily,

while marching back to her room,

yes ;fate is cruel and heartless,

should have known from the go,

love was a double edged sword,

as the clock chimed to midnight,

anticipation filled with resolve,

as quiet footsteps are heard,

and door opens to reveal his arrival,

an innocent smile on his face,

with flowers in his hand,

always the same story,

do you ever feel ;my knight,

she wonders facing him questioningly,

as fury erupts in full swing,

she grabs the loaded gun,

his eyes show fear,

aware of the predicament,

jumping to retrieve the weapon,

‘he cannot have it’,

‘she must not use it’,

conflicted minds as they wrestled out,

a life for a life,

as the trigger gets pulled,

its echo plays out through the night,

a life lost in the midst,

as the rain fell  ,

marking the begining of the end…


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