Painful memories

Yet a mystery to fathom,

Why the mind retains pained memories,

As we wish for times as these,

To delete pain and sorrow,

It makes us human;so they say,

Remembering the pain,

Traumas that fail to leave us in peace,

Circumstances we never wanted upon us,

We cry to ourselves as to why,

Why relive the past in our heads,

Dear sirs and ma’ams,

Sons and daughters,

Those scarred inside and out,

I question the view legitimately,

Seeking out a way through the torture,

Tell me why my comrade,

Why should we retain such thoughts,

In the darkest and lonely nights,

When they claim all pain is equal,

I stand up asking how,

As i reflect on different scenarios,

Physical and mental scars,

Emotionally and psychologically scarred,

They expect us to function normally,

In the happy society picture they paint,

Which hides the deep rot in the society,

Pain is what shapes us;people say,

While talking behind others back,

Laughing at others insecurities,

My mind is troubled,

At the vividness of these memories,

Time waits for no man Sir,

Counting the seconds,

To my inevitable fate.


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