Early morning hours were always a struggle,

As he got up from his late night stupor,

Doesnt recall what day it was,

As first thoughts are on the due payment,

John’s name already forgotten,

Maybe he doesn’t care as he shouldn’t,

Hurrying to distance from the place,

Though walking in pain and discomfort,

But forced to report to his handler,

Hes off,sick of it all,

If only he had a say at the start,

Cannot comprehend what it’s like,

Living as other boys he sees around,

The shame builds up inside,

Carefree of dangers of the world they act,

Some laughing at his expense,

Pays them no heed does he,

What he’d give to be free,

From a burden he chose not,

Though pays for since he was bought,

The last straw is done,

As he clears his debt,

The cloud gives way to the morning rays,

Time to start anew,

Free from all he was tied to,

A new man he hopes,

To leave his past behind…


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