My prideful self

This is my confession,

To settle out the score,

For all the years of suspence and silence,

I may not understand the urge,

To confess this part of me,

As i thought you knew,

The truth behind my words,

I can still hope though,

To quench some of your thirst,

In understanding the real me,

Time was precious back then,

But not once had you bothered,

Just always off to fill your damned ego,

I admit i ran,

To clear my conscience,

Escape this mad labyrinth,

You claimed was best for me,

Who was i to you,

I knew not all those years,

Still i ponder those words,

On which you believed you had me fooled,

In choosing this path,

Do i look like a fool,

A puppet trained with a harness on,

Should i jump with joy,

From escaping your clutches,

I admit in being weak,

As you’d left a husk of my former self,

Stripped of all shame and  former glory,

I feel nothing but numbness,

A void that cannot be filled anymore,

Ready to embrace its end unflinchingly,

Yet i cling on helplessly,

To a memory once lost,

My pride speaks to you,

Without fear nor restraint,

It is at it’s limit,

But doesnt care of the formalities,

We all are equal,

When stripped bare to our natural states,

To the point i’d reached,

In admitting my displeasure,

Of ever seeing you again,

My mind is fed up,

But my pride refuses to bow,

And accept the defeat,

As i scream my resolution…




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